Fat City Grill

Back in the day......early 80's after graduating from High School, we were headed to college for academics knowing all along we should have received athletic scholarships just like some of the other guys on campus. So to prove to the sports world... and to the college what they had somehow overlooked, we decided to put together the next best thing - an intramural team. A team built around the best local talent to compete with some of those so called "scholarship" players. To establish this dominance over our competition, we first had to define "who" we were. Since no one had played a game of any kind, since their last game in high school, the name "Fat City" seemed appropriate.

Fat City established itself as a very good intramural team. Because of our passion for the game, we continued on after our college days to play statewide and beyond..... although knowing deep down inside we would have continued on, moving into the big leagues had we gotten our rightful athletic scholarships.

After years of our pursuit to greatness, the coach realized the common thread in all of this was not necessarily our athletic greatness on the field but our uncanny ability to "replay" every game off the field, after the game when the team went to eat, celebrate and commiserate.

Therefore, Fat City Grill was established so we would all have a place to go and do what we do best - eat and relive the glory days of how good we were.